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Want iOS 7 for your iPhone? GET IT NOW!
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Basic Computer Repair Notes

Stay secure... When support ends for Windows XP

Support for Windows XP ends:
We are reaching the end of the life cycle and support for Windows XP, will no longer be supported after April, 2014.
​​Ten years have passed since Windows XP was first launched - and during that time, user needs have changed and today’s businesses face trends that didn't exist back then. Technology evolves rapidly to keep up with trends and the needs of the marketplace, as well as maintaining security amidst evolving online threats. New hardware and software will not be available to run with this older operating system.

Windows 7 64bit: Windows Update Service Not Running

Windows 7 64bit: Windows Update Service Not Running?  I would recommend having a trained professional do this but if you think you can handle it try this:
Recently, I was working with a client and they had an issue updating their Windows 7 PC. Basically, whenever they tried to run a check for updates, they would get the following error message:
Windows Update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not running. You may need to restart your computer.
Of course, restarting did not help.

Revive a dying laptop battery

Laptop battery wearing down? ...how to help batteries last longer ... and what to do when they run out!
First, the basics
Most laptops use batteries that can last for 3-5 years, or about 1000 charges. (A premium laptop's battery might last longer.) Every time you charge your battery, the total capacity of the battery is diminished. Originally it may have had a run time of 3.5 hours, but after a year it'll run out of juice at 3 hours, even on a full charge.
If your battery capacity has diminished, there are a few things you can do about it.

Tune Up Your Slow PC or MAC

Video: Tips for speeding up your PC or MAC.  Click the picture to link to the video.

Having internet issues due to yt.dll?

I have heard a lot about an issue loading internet explorer due to a yt.dll error lately.  This can be resolved easily in most cases.  I would recommend that you have your local computer guru take care of it but if you want to save the money and take a stab at fixing it yourself here is a clue: Go to Start>Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs>Click on Yahoo! Toolbar and then Click remove.  Restart your computer.  If this does not fix the problem take it to your local computer technician.

Is Your Computer Feeling a Bit Sluggish?

Nothing is substitute for getting an expert to sit down and look at it for you, but perhaps this will bring into focus a few possible causes for your computer acting lethargically.
1)Too many programs running at the same time.Over the lifespan of a computer it is common for users to download programs, applications, and other data that is running in the background. The more things that run in the background, the less “attention span” your computer has to do other things you are asking it to do.

QuickBooks Not Loading?!

There has been a recent outbreak of QuickBooks issues.  We recently had a machine with this issue in our computer shop.  We spent all weekend working with QuickBooks 2010 Pro trying to figure out a fix... and we have it!  Anyone that needs assistance with their QuickBooks program not loading correctly, please give us a call @ (877) 210-2121 or email us atinfo@busybeeit.com
Discription of problem:  
Loading QuickBooks screen appears and then disappears after installing a Windows update or other program updates

Computer Hackers Hijack Personal Information

There are hundreds of computer hackers looking to hijack your personal information when you are connected to the internet.  In many cases they do this by sending fake emails and instant messages requesting your login and passwords to sites that store sensitive personal information (or "Personal Identifiable Information").  Never reveal that information over email or instant messanger, furthermore, never click on a link in an email or on the internet that you don't recognize.  This is how a virus can spread from machine to machine.  Also, never install something on your computer that is from a software vendor or website you don't trust. 

Common Computer Repair Problems

There is nothing worse at work than having to give a presentation when your computer fails on the spot. When your computer does not function it can cause huge problems in both your personal and professional life, so it is important that you quickly diagnose and fix the problem. Although there are thousands of potential issues that require computer repair, there are a few main categories that encompass the majority of problems you may face. Hardware Failure When your computer won’t boot up when you try to turn it on, it can be a really bad start to your day. Hardware failure is a common problem with computers and unfortunately can be the hardest problem for the layman to diagnose and fix himself. If your computer simply will not turn on, this is considered a hardware problem that could be caused by a drained battery. If your computer turns on but gives you a Stop Error (commonly referred to as the Blue Screen of Death), it is most likely the cause of computer hardware failure. The best thing you can do before calling a computer repair shop is to ensure that power is running to your computer. A helpful hint is to see/hear that the fan in your computer is running to confirm that power is reaching the unit. Software Failure Software failures can be as simple as getting a 404 Page Not Found error when you are trying to connect to a website, or as complex as your entire computer locking up when you try to open a new application. Luckily, one thing the average computer user can do to fix this problem is to reboot the machine. Many times this will fix any software problems you are having. It is important that you are constantly saving any open documents on your computer, because when a reboot if required, often times it will result in you losing changes to any documents you had opened but not saved. Computer Virus A computer virus cannot only render your machine useless, it is also a big threat to your privacy. Lots of personal information is stored on your computer – your address book, your personal photos, and many times sensitive financial information that you don’t want to get in the wrong hands. A computer virus can take over your machine and access some of this data, so it is important that you install antivirus software and update it regularly. Hackers are constantly changing the computer code, so your antivirus software may not detect a new virus if you haven’t updated it in a while. Most security breaches on personal computers are a result of users revealing their usernames and passwords via email to someone who is pretending to be a trustworthy client of yours. Never give our your computer passwords over email or instant messenger, and never install any program on your machine that you don’t trust.